Information Technology 

In today's rapidly evolving landscape, it is easy to get lost in the cycle of in-source vs. out-source IT functions.  We have seen this in both large and small organizations.  Our background in business integration has given us the experience required to best assess your options when deciding on what to do.  Whether it is IT skills assessment, identity or technology integration challenges, we can help you in the decisions and execution.

Our team has extensive experience in building Service Desk and On/Near/Off Shore development teams.  We have seen what works and what doesn't.  Having been early adopters of cloud and virtualization technologies, we can help you launch or align a security low cost IT solution for your firm.

We also have a strong background in storage and compute architectures that can help you build scalable and extensible IT Architectures.

Our Services

Information Security

We understand that the needs of the business must be balanced with the needs of today's security challenges.  We have all seen news reports of devastating security breaches although most never make it to the evening news.  Our goal is to help your organization not fall victim to these ever-present threats.  Our experts understand how to balance financial pressures while still hitting the required security mark in today's highly regulated environment.


Our Risk Assessment methodology provides the required content and actionable material needed to give your business the confidence you require while still measuring and meeting the financial needs of the organization.  We understand both sides of the equation: Business and Financial & Security and IT.


Our cost effective approach will set you on the trajectory so your resource can have confidence in managing risk or, if you prefer, we can manage your ongoing risk management program through our contract CSO/CISO offering.


Business Development

Business development is all about creating opportunities for sustained long-term value.  It is not just sales or marketing, although it may include aspects of these disciplines.  A successful strategy is based on a coherent vision of the business possibilities, and a cohesive plan of action for how to cultivate customers, establish and maintain value-added partnerships, and capitalize on market opportunities to realize that vision.


Our team is experienced in both traditional and e-commerce business development.  Seasoned in preparing new and follow-on business strategies and marketing campaigns, we can help you generate profitable growth opportunities, increase your exposure to clients, increase your competitiveness, and build lasting relationships with customers, other corporations, government entities, and academia. 


Our services include conceptualizing new business opportunities, developing comprehensive strategic plans, identifying funding avenues, preparing communications/web/promotional content, and proposal/grant writing.